[1/-] Amali of al-Tusi: al-Mufid from Ibn Qulawayh from Muhammad al-Himyari from his father from Harun from Ibn Ziyad who said: I heard Ja’far b. Muhammad علهما السلام – and he was asked about His words the Exalted: “to Allāh belongs the conclusive argument!” (6:149) – say: Allāh the Exalted will say to a slave on the day of judgment: My slave did you possess knowledge? So if he says: yes, He will say to him: why did you not act by what you knew? And if he says: I was ignorant, He will say to him: why did you not seek knowledge so you could act? Thus he will be vanquished – and that is the “conclusive argument”.

[-/1] امالي الطوسي: المفيد عن ابن قولويه عن محمد الحميرى عن ابيه عن هارون عن ابن زياد قال: سمعت جعفر بن محمد علهما السلام وقد سئل عن قوله تعالى “قل فلله الحجة البالغة” فقال: ان الله تعالى يقول للعبد يوم القيامة: عبدى أكنت عالما؟ فان قال: نعم قال له: أفلا علمت بما علمت؟ وان قال: كنت جاهلا قال: أفلا تعلمت حتى تعمل؟ فيخصمه فتلك الحجة البالغة