It was narrated to us by Aḥmed bin al-Ḥassan al-Qaṭṭān, who said – it was narrated to us by Moḥammed bin Saʿīd bin Abī Shaḥamah, who said – it was narrated to us by Abū Moḥammed ʿAbd Allāh bin Saʿīd bin Hāshim al-Qanāni al-Baghdādi – the year 185 – who said – it was narrated to us by Aḥmed bin Ṣāliḥ, who said – it was narrated to us by Ḥassān bin ʿAbd Allāh al-Wāsiṭi, who said – it was narrated to us by ʿAbd Allāh bin Lahīʿa, from Abī Qabīl, from ʿAbd Allāh bin ʿUmar, who said:

The Messenger of Allāh صلى الله عليه وآله said: It was from the asceticism of Yaḥya bin Zakariyyah عليهما السلام that he arrived at the Sacred House (Bayt al-Muqaddas). He looked at the sedulous of the Rabbis and the Monks, upon them course shirts from [animal] hair and woolen burnouses; and if they felt a desire they would render at their clavicle and place upon it chains, and shackle it up to the masts of the mosque.
When he observed this, he went to his mother, and said: Oh my dear mother, weave for me a course shirt from (animal) hair, and a woolen burnous, so that I may go to the Sacred House, so I can worship Allāh along with the Rabbis and Monks.
His mother replied to him: Not until the Prophet of Allāh comes to me and orders me to do so.
So when Zakariyyah عليه السلام entered, she informed him of what Yaḥya said. Zakariyyah to him: Oh my dear son, what invites you to this, for you are only a young child!
He replied to him: Oh my dear father, have you not seen one who is younger than me, and he has already tasted death?
He (Zakariyyah) said: Yes.
Then he said to his mother: Weave for me a course shirt from (animal) hair, and a woolen burnous.
So she did so. Then he put the course shirt upon his body, and placed the burnous upon his head, and then went forth to the Sacred House.
He proceeded to worship Allāh, Mighty and Majestic, along with the Rabbis and Monks until the course shirt made of [animal] hair ate his meat. One day he looked at emaciation of his body, and began to cry. Thereupon, Allāh, Mighty and Majestic, revealed to him: Oh Yaḥya, do you cry from what has emaciated of your body! By my Might and Majesty, if you were to suddenly come upon the fire for a moment, you would [even have preferred to] clothe yourself with an iron shirt in preference to that which is woven.1 So he cried until the tears ate the meat off his cheek, and his molar teeth became apparent to those looking on. His mother was informed of this. Zakariyyah met with and gathered the Rabbis and Monks. They informed him of the eroding of his cheeks. He said: I was not aware of this.
Then Zakariyyah said: Oh my dear son, what invites you to this? For indeed, I only asked my Lord to give you to me so that you would be the apple of my eye (lit. a coolness to my eyes).
He replied: You ordered me to do this, oh my dear father.
He said: When was this, oh my dear son?
He replied: Did you not say: ‘Verily, between the Paradise and the Fire is an obstacle; none shall overcome it except those who cry out of Allāh.
He said: Yes. So strive and struggle, and your condition is different to my condition.
Thereupon, Yaḥya arose and wriggled off his shirt, and his mother took it. She said: Do you give me permission, my dear son, that I take for you two pieces of felted wool, so that I can conceal your molar teeth, and dry your tears?
He replied to her: As you wish.
So she took two pieces of felted wool to conceal his molar teeth and dry his tears, whereupon he cried until they became damn from the tears of his eyes, so he pulled his sleeves up (lit. laid bare his arms), then took them and wrung them; whereupon the tears flowed down between his fingers. Zakariyyah looked to his son, and to the tears of his eyes, and raised his head towards the skies and said: Oh Allāh, indeed, this is my son; and these are the tears of his eyes, and you are the Most Merciful of the Merciful.
When Zakariyyah عليه السلام want to preach to the Children of Israel, he would turn to his right and his left, and if he would see Yaḥya عليه السلام, he would not make mention of Paradise, nor the Fire. One day, he sat while preaching to the Children of Israel, and Yaḥya came with his head wrapped in a loose flowing garment (ʿabā’), and he sat within a packed crowd of the people. Zakariyyah turned right and left, and did not see Yaḥya, so he began to say: It was narrated to my by my beloved Jibrā’īl عليه السلام, from Allāh, Blessed and High, that in Hell there is a mountain which is called al-Sakrān (The Intoxicated). In the roots of that mountain is a canyon which is called al-Ghadhbān (The Angry), it is angered with the anger of The Entirely Merciful (al-Raḥmān), Blessed and High. Within that canyon is a pit, formed over one hundred years. Within that pit are coffins made of fire. Within those coffins are boxes made of fire, and chains of fire, and iron collars of fire.
Thereupon, Yaḥya عليه السلام raised his head and said: Woe! I have been heedless of al-Sakrān!
Then he ran off (lit. exited) in no particular direction. Zakariyyah عليه السلام got up from the sitting and entered upon the mother of Yaḥya, and said to her: Oh mother of Yaḥya, get up and search for Yaḥya, for indeed I am fearful that we do not see Yaḥya except that he has tasted death!
So she got up and left in search of him, until she came upon a group of young men from the Children of Israel. They said to her: Oh mother of Yaḥya, where do you seek?
She said: I seek in searching my son, Yaḥya. The fire was mentioned in front of him, so he ran off in no particular direction.
So the mother of Yaḥya carried on, with the young men alongside her until she passed by a sheep Shepherd. She said to him: Oh Shepherd, have you seen a young man, who has such and such characteristics?
He replied to her: Perhaps you are searching for Yaḥya bin Zakariyyah?
She said: Yes, that is my son, The fire was mentioned in front of him, so he ran off in no particular direction.
He said: Indeed, I just left him while he was at such and such mountain pass, soaking his feet in the water, raising his gaze to the skies – saying: ‘By your Might, my Master, I will not taste the cold drink until I see my status with you.’
His mother then approached him, and when the mother Yaḥya of saw him, she sat close to him, and took his head and put it on her chest while she pleaded to Allāh that he would come with her until they reached their home. So he went with her until they reached their home. The mother Yaḥya said to him: Can you take off your shirt made of [animal] hair and wear this shirt made of wool, for it is softer?
He did so, and cooked for her lentils. He ate and was satisfied, then slept. Sleep overcame him and did not arise for prayers; whereupon it was called out to him in his sleep: ‘Oh Yaḥya bin Zakariyyah, Do you desire a dwelling better than my dwelling, and a proximity better than my proximity [to me]?! So awaken!’
So he got up, and said: Oh Lord, decrease my slip-up, my God, for by your Might, I will not be shaded by a shade, except that of the Sacred House.
He then said to his mother: Hand me my shirt made of [animal] hair, for I have come to know that you will both lead me to destruction.
So his mother handed over his shirt, and clinged onto him. Zakariyyah said to her: Oh mother of Yaḥya, leave him, for it has been unveiled to my son by the veil of his heart, and will not benefit from this living.
So Yaḥya got up, and wore his shirt, and placed his burnous upon his head, then advanced to the Sacred House, and began worshipping Allāh along with the Rabbis and Monks, until the event of the things that happened to him.

1. After tasting the pain of the fire, you would even prefer an iron shirt over a woven shirt and would not complain, when comparing the pain he is currently feeling with the course shirt made from [animal] hair to the torment of the fire.

حدثنا أحمد بن الحسن القطان ، قال حدثنا محمد بن سعيد بن أبي شحمة ، قال : حدثنا أبو محمد عبد الله بن سعيد بن هاشم القناني البغدادي سنة خمس وثمانين ومائتين ، قال : حدثنا أحمد بن صالح ، قال : حدثنا حسان بن عبد الله الواسطي ، قال : حدثنا عبد الله بن لهيعة ، عن أبي قبيل ، عن عبد الله بن عمر ، قال : قال رسول الله ( صلى الله عليه وآله ) : كان من زهد يحيى بن زكريا ( عليهما السلام ) أنه أتى بيت المقدس ، فنظر إلى المجتهدين من الأحبار والرهبان ، عليهم مدارع الشعر وبرانس الصوف ، وإذا هم قد خرقوا تراقيهم ، وسلكوا فيها السلاسل ، وشدوها إلى سواري المسجد ، فلما نظر إلى ذلك أتى أمه فقال : يا أماه ، انسجي لي مدرعة من شعر وبرنسا من صوف حتى آتي بيت المقدس ، فأعبد الله مع الأحبار والرهبان . فقالت له أمه : حتى يأتي نبي الله وأؤامره في ذلك . فلما دخل زكريا ( عليه السلام ) أخبرته بمقالة يحيى ، فقال له زكريا : يا بني ، ما يدعوك إلى هذا وإنما أنت صبي صغير ! فقال له : يا أبه ، أما رأيت من هو أصغر سنا مني وقد ذاق الموت ؟ قال : بلى ، ثم قال لامه : انسجي له مدرعة من شعر وبرنسا من صوف ، ففعلت . فتدرع المدرعة على بدنه ، ووضع البرنس على رأسه ، ثم أتى بيت المقدس ، فأقبل يعبد الله عز وجل مع الأحبار حتى أكلت مدرعة الشعر لحمه ، فنظر ذات يوم إلى ما قد نحل من جسمه فبكى ، فأوحى الله عز وجل إليه : يا يحيى ، أتبكي مما قد نحل من جسمك ! وعزتي وجلالي لو اطلعت على النار اطلاعة لتدرعت مدرعة الحديد فضلا عن المنسوج ، فبكى حتى أكلت الدموع لحم خديه ، وبدا للناظرين أضراسه ، فبلغ ذلك أمه ، فدخلت عليه ، وأقبل زكريا واجتمع الأحبار والرهبان ، فأخبروه بذهاب لحم خديه ، فقال : ما شعرت بذلك . فقال زكريا : يا بني ، ما يدعوك إلى هذا ؟ إنما سألت ربي أن يهبك لي لتقر بك عيني . قال : أنت أمرتني بذلك يا أبه ، قال : ومتى ذلك يا بني ؟ قال : ألست القائل : إن بين الجنة والنار لعقبة لا يجوزها إلا البكاءون من خشية الله ؟ قال : بلى ، فجد واجتهد وشأنك غير شأني . فقام يحيى ، فنفض مدرعته ، فأخذته أمه ، فقالت : أتأذن لي – يا بني – أن أتخذ لك قطعتي لبود تواريان أضراسك ، وتنشفان دموعك ؟ فقال لها : شأنك . فاتخذت له قطعتي لبود تواريان أضراسه ، وتنشفان دموعه ، فبكى حتى ابتلتا من دموع عينيه ، فحسر عن ذراعيه ، ثم اخذهما فعصرهما ، فتحدرت الدموع من بين أصابعه ، فنظر زكريا إلى ابنه وإلى دموع عينيه ، فرفع رأسه إلى السماء فقال : اللهم إن هذا ابني ، وهذه دموع عينيه ، وأنت أرحم الراحمين . وكان زكريا ( عليه السلام ) إذا أراد أن يعظ بني إسرائيل يلتفت يمينا وشمالا ، فإن رأى يحيى ( عليه السلام ) لم يذكر جنة ولا نارا ، فجلس ذات يوم يعظ بني إسرائيل ، وأقبل يحيى قد لف رأسه بعباءة ، فجلس في غمار الناس ، والتفت زكريا يمينا وشمالا فلم ير يحيى ، فأنشأ يقول : حدثني حبيبي جبرئيل ( عليه السلام ) عن الله تبارك وتعالى : أن في جهنم جبلا يقال له السكران ، في أصل ذلك الجبل واد يقال له الغضبان ، يغضب لغضب الرحمن تبارك وتعالى ، في ذلك الوادي جب قامته مائة عام ، في ذلك الجب توابيت من نار ، في تلك التوابيت صناديق من نار ، وثياب من نار ، وسلاسل من نار ، وأغلال من نار ، فرفع يحيى ( عليه السلام ) رأسه فقال : وا غفلتاه من السكران ، ثم أقبل هائما على وجهه ، فقام زكريا ( عليه السلام ) من مجلسه فدخل على أم يحيى ، فقال لها : يا أم يحيى ، قومي فاطلبي يحيى ، فإني قد تخوفت أن لا نراه إلا وقد ذاق الموت . فقامت فخرجت في طلبه حتى مرت بفتيان من بني إسرائيل ، فقالوا لها : يا أم يحيى ، أين تريدين ؟ قالت : أريد أن أطلب ولدي يحيى ، ذكرت النار بين يديه فهام على وجهه ، فمضت أم يحيى والفتية معها حتى مرت براعي غنم ، فقالت له : يا راعي ، هل رأيت شابا من صفته كذا وكذا ؟ فقال لها : لعلك تطلبين يحيى بن زكريا ؟ قالت : نعم ، ذاك ولدي ، ذكرت النار بين يديه فهام على وجهه ، فقال : إني تركته الساعة على عقبة ثنية كذا وكذا ، ناقعا قدميه في الماء رافعا بصره إلى السماء ، يقول : وعزتك مولاي ، لا ذقت بارد الشراب حتى أنظر إلى منزلتي منك . وأقبلت أمه ، فلما رأته أم يحيى دنت منه ، فأخذت برأسه فوضعته بين ثدييها ، وهي تناشده بالله أن ينطلق معها إلى المنزل ، فانطلق معها حتى أتى المنزل ، فقالت له أم يحيى : هل لك أن تخلع مدرعة الشعر وتلبس مدرعة الصوف ، فإنه ألين ؟ ففعل ، وطبخ له عدس ، فأكل واستوفى ونام ، فذهب به النوم فلم يقم لصلاته ، فنودي في منامه : يا يحيى بن زكريا ، أردت دارا خيرا من داري وجوارا خيرا من جواري ! فاستيقظ فقام فقال : يا رب أقلني عثرتي ، إلهي فوعزتك لا استظل بظل سوى بيت المقدس . وقال لامه : ناوليني مدرعة الشعر ، فقد علمت أنكما ستورداني المهالك . فتقدمت أمه فدفعت إليه المدرعة وتعلقت به فقال لها زكريا : يا أم يحيى ، دعيه فإن ولدي قد كشف له عن قناع قلبه ، ولن ينتفع بالعيش . فقام يحيى فلبس مدرعته ، ووضع البرنس على رأسه ، ثم أتى بيت المقدس ، فجعل يعبد الله عز وجل مع الأحبار ، حتى كان من أمره ما كان