The ḥadīths of Āle Moḥammed عليهم السلام at your fingertips

The first online 12er ḥadīth corpus.

This project aims to have translations of all major Shiʿa works of ḥadīths, indexed to be fully searchable. Staring from January 2017, the corpus will begin with translations of some of our major ḥadīth books, starting with al-‘Āmāli of al-Shaykh al-Ṣadūq.
Complimentary works will also be included, such as encyclopedias like Wasā’il al-Shiʿa, and compilations of reliable ḥadīths such as Muʿjam al-Aḥādīth al-Muʿtabara of Shaykh Moḥammed Āṣif al-Moḥsini.


The 12er Ḥadīth Corpus is looking expand its team to help make this dream a reality, faster. We are currently looking for translators who have a strong background in both Arabic and English. If you feel you can contribute, please email:

Ḥadīths Translated to Date

Al-‘Āmāli al-Ṣadūq

Muʿjam al-Aḥādīth al-Muʿtabara

Tafsīr Al-Burhān

Thawāb al-Aʿmāl

Wasā’il al-Shīʿa

Tahdhīb al-Aḥkām

Kitāb al-Kāfi

Kāmil al-Ziyārāt

Man Lā Yahduruhu al-Faqih


Maʿāni al-‘Akhbār

ʿIlal al-Sharā’iʿ