9 – `Ali b. Ja`far in his book from his brother Musa عليه السلام:
He said: I asked him about the rain that flows in the place in which there is excrement, and it contacts the garment, does one pray in it prior to it being washed? He said: When the rain flowed with it, there is no harm.

[366] 9 ـ علي بن جعفر في كتابه، عن أخيه موسى ( عليه السلام ) قال: سألته عن المطر يجري في المكان فيه العذرة، فيصيب الثوب، أيصلي فيه قبل أن يغسل؟ قال: إذا جرى به المطرفلا بأس.