3 – And al-Himyari narrated it in Qurb al-Isnad from `Abdullah b. al-Hasan from his grandfather `Ali b. Ja`far likewise.
And he added: And I asked him about the washroom which is above the house, and the rain contacts it so it trickles and contacts the clothing, does one pray in it prior to it being washed? He said: When it flowed from the rain-water, there is no harm.
And `Ali b. Ja`far narrated it in his book, and he added: and one prays in it; and likewise the one prior to it.

[360] 3 ـ ورواه الحميري في ( قرب الإسناد ) عن عبدالله بن الحسن، عن جده علي بن جعفر، مثله.
وزاد: وسألته عن الكنيف يكون فوق البيت، فيصيبه المطر، فيكف، فيصيب الثياب، أيصلى فيها قبل أن تغسل؟ قال: إذا جرى من ماء المطر فلا بأس.
ورواه علي بن جعفر في كتابه، وزاد: ويصلّى فيها، وكذا الذي قبله.