10 – And by the isnad from Sama`a.
He said: I asked him about a man who touches the basin or the rakwa (a small drinking vessel of leather), then inserts his hand in the vessel prior to pouring out on his hands. He said: He pours three handfuls of water, but if he did not do so then there is no harm. And if janaba afflicted him and he inserted his hand in the water, then there is no harm with it if nothing of semen had contacted his hand. And if it had contacted his hand and he inserted it in the water prior to pouring out on his hands, then he is to pour out all of the water.

[384] 10 ـ وبالإسناد عن سماعة قال: سألته عن رجل يمس الطست، أو الركوة، ثم يدخل يده فى الإناء قبل أن يفرغ على كفيه؟ قال: يهريق من الماء ثلاث حفنات، وإن لم يفعل فلا بأس، وإن كانت أصابته جنابة فأدخل يده في الماء فلا باس به إن لم يكن أصاب يده شيء من المني. وإن كان أصاب يده فادخل يده في الماء قبل أن يفرغ على كفيه فليهرق الماء كله.