[1/180] Rijal al-Kashshi: Hamduwayh from Muhammad b. Ismail al-Razi from al-Hasan b. Ali b. Fadhal from Safwan b. Mihran – the cameleer – who said: I entered upon Abi al-Hasan the First عليه السلام – he said to me: O Safwan everything from you is good and well except one thing. I said: may I be made your ransom – what thing is that? he said: you renting out your camels to this man – meaning Harun [al-Rashid, the Abbasid caliph]. I said: by Allah I did not rent them out to him cheerfully or arrogantly, nor did I rent them out for him to hunt with or amuse himself through them, rather I rent them out to him for the road to Makka [i.e. for Hajj], and I do not attend to him personally, rather I send to him with my servants. He said to me: O Safwan does the payment of your rent accrue on them? I said: yes, may I be made your ransom, he said: do you wish for their survival until they pay you your rent? I said: yes, he said: so whoever desires their survival then he is one of them, and whoever is with them his abode is the hell-fire. Safwan said: so I went and sold all my camels, every last one of them. Harun was informed of this, he called me and said to me: O Safwan I hear that you have sold all your camels? I said: yes, he said: what is the reason? I said: I am an old man and the servants are not up to the job, he said: how far! how far! I do know the one who directed you to do this – it is Musa b. Ja`far who directed you to do this! I said: what do I have to do with Musa b. Ja`far!? he said: leave out the excuses, for by Allah if it was not for your good companionship in the past I would have had you killed!


[1/180] رجال الكشي: حمدويه، عن محمد بن إسماعيل الرازي، عن الحسن بن علي بن فضال، عن صفوان بن مهران الجمال قال: دخلت على أبي الحسن الأول عليه السلام فقال لي: يا صفوان كل شي‏ء منك حسن جميل ما خلا شيئا واحدا قلت: جعلت فداك أي شي‏ء؟ قال: إكراؤك جمالك من هذا الرجل يعني هارون قلت: و الله ما أكريته أشرا و لا بطرا و لا لصيد و لا للهو، و لكني أكريه لهذا الطريق يعني طريق مكة، و لا أتولاه بنفسي و لكن أنصب معه غلماني، فقال لي: يا صفوان أيقع كراؤك عليهم؟ قلت: نعم جعلت فداك، قال: فقال لي: أتحب بقائهم حتى يخرج كراؤك؟ قلت: نعم، قال: فمن أحب بقائهم فهو منهم و من كان منهم كان ورد النار، قال صفوان: فذهبت و بعت جمالي عن آخرها، فبلغ ذلك إلى هارون، فدعاني فقال لي: يا صفوان بلغني أنك بعت جمالك قلت: نعم، فقال: لم؟ قلت: أنا شيخ كبير و أن الغلمان لا يفون بالأعمال فقال: هيهات أيهات إني لأعلم من أشار عليك بهذا أشار عليك بهذا موسى بن جعفر! قلت: ما لي و لموسى بن جعفر فقال: دع هذا عنك فو الله لو لا حسن صحبتك لقتلتك!