[2/-] al-Faqih: Via his chain to al-Sakuni from al-Sadiq Ja`far b. Muhammad from his father عليهما السلام in regards someone who gives a man two Dinars for safekeeping and another gives the man one Dinar (they become three), then one of the Dinars is lost, he said: the one who had two Dinars is given a Dinar and the remaining Dinar is divided between the both of them equally.

[-/2] الفقيه: باسناده عن السكوني عن الصادق جعفر بن محمد، عن أبيه عليهما السلام في رجل استودع رجلا دينارين واستودعه آخر دينارا فضاع دينار منهما، فقال: يعطى صاحب الدينارين دينارا ويقتسمان الدينار الباقي بينهما نصفين