[1/156] Rijal al-Kashshi: Muhammad b. Masud from Ali b. al-Hasan from Muammar b. Khallad who said: a man asked me to seek permission on his behalf to come see him, that is al-Ridha عليه السلام, and he also asked me to ask him (the Imam) to gift him a cloak and some of his silver coins [which had been minted in his name]. When I returned back from the man I encountered his [the Imam’s] messenger looking for me [with instructions to go see the Imam]. When I entered upon him he said: where were you? I said: with so and so, he said: he wishes to come see me? I said: yes, may I be made your ransom. Muammar said: then I glorified Allah, he said: why do you glorify? I said to him: I was just with him when he first broached this! [how could you know?] he said: a believer is facilitated. Then he said: If he comes to you then inform him [that he can visit]. He [Muammar] said: so when he [the man] came in he took a seat in front of him [the Imam], and I was standing in a corner, so he [the Imam] called me and said: be seated, so I sat, then he [the man] asked him to supplicate for him, which he did, then he [the man] asked for a cloak, so when he stood to depart he [the Imam] placed into his hands something, I glanced at it and saw that it was some coins from among his special coins.

Muhammad b. Masud said: Ali b. al-Hasan said: the man who asked for supplication and a cloak was al-Rayyan b. al-Salt. He also said: al-Rayyan himself narrated the same to me.


[1/156] رجال الكشي: محمد بن مسعود، عن علي بن الحسن، عن معمر بن خلاد قال: سألني رجل أن أستأذن له عليه يعني الرضا عليه السلام و أسأله أن يكسوه قميصا و يهب له من دراهمه فلما رجعت من عند الرجل أصبت رسوله يطلبني، فلما دخلت عليه، قال: أين كنت؟ قلت: كنت عند فلان، قال: يشتهي أن يدخل على فقلت: نعم جعلت فداك، قال: ثم سبحت، فقال: ما لك تسبح فقلت له: كنت عنده الآن في هذا، فقال: إن المؤمن موفق ثم قال: لو يأتيك فأعلمه قال: فلما دخل عليه جلس قدامه، و قمت أنا في ناحية، فدعاني فقال: اجلس فجلست، فسأله الدعاء ففعل، ثم دعا بقميص فلما قام وضع في يده شيئا، فنظرت فإذا هي دراهم من دراهمه

محمد بن مسعود: قال علي بن الحسن: و الرجل الذي سأل الدعاء و الكسوة هو الريان بن الصلت، و قال: حدثني الريان بهذا الحديث