Muʿjam al-Aḥādīth al-Muʿtabara, No Excuse for the Ignorant One who Falls Short – Ḥadīth #1

[1/-] Amali of al-Tusi: al-Mufid from Ibn Qulawayh from Muhammad al-Himyari from his father from Harun from Ibn Ziyad who said: I heard Ja’far b. Muhammad علهما السلام – and he was asked about His words the Exalted: “to Allāh belongs the conclusive argument!” (6:149) – say: Allāh the Exalted will say to a slave on the day of judgment: My slave did you possess knowledge? So if he says: yes, He will say to him: why did you not act by what you knew? And if he says: I was ignorant, He will say to him: why did you not seek knowledge so you could act? Thus he will be vanquished – and that is the “conclusive argument”. Comments

al-Moḥsini: The chain of this Hadith is reliable except that the manuscript of the Amali of the Shaykh al-Tusi did not reach the authors of Bihar and Wasail [who incorporated it into their respective encyclopedic compilations] via a reliable chain. And the Majalis of Shaykh al-Mufid is similar in this regard.

However, we have included this particular narration among the Mu’tabar because of a Qarina [indicator], and this is the fact that the merituous Shaykh Abi al-Hasan Sulayman b. al-Hasan al-Sahrishti who was one of the famous students of the Shaykh al-Ta’ifa al-Tusi quoted this narration in his book Qabs al-Misbah fi al-Dua – and he narrated it: “From a number of scholars like Abu Ya’la Muhammad b. al-Hasan b. Hamza al-Ja’fari and Shaykh al-Ta’ifa al-Tusi and Abu al-Husayn Ahmad b. Ali al-Kufi al-Najashi and Abu al-Faraj al-Mudhaffar b. Hamdan al-Qazwini all together – reported to us the august Shaykh al-Mufid Muhammad b. Muhammad b. al-Nu’man al-Harithi may Allāh be pleased with him on the day of Saturday the third of the month of the mighty Ramadan in the year four hundred and ten – he said …” to the end of the narration having the same upper chain and similar content.

And the Shaykh Muntajab al-Din said in his Fihrist about this man: “The trustworthy Shaykh Abu al-Hasan Salman (Sulayman) b. al-Hasan better known as Salman al-Sahrishti, jurisprudent, eminent, religious, he tutelaged under our felicitious Shaykh Abi Ja’far al-Tusi, and he attended the study-sessions of our Sayyid Murtadha may Allāh have mercy on them, and he has authored a number of books …”

And he did not include Qabs al-Misbah among his authored works but al-Majlisi having attributed it to him is enough [to substantiate that].

This should have been enough to establish the reliability of the narration under discussion, despite this I do not consider it reliable, and that is because of the suspicion of a disconnection in its chain, because Harun b. Muslim could not have narrated from the companions of al-Sadiq directly, so an intermediary or two must have been dropped and are missing. [Ittisal of the chain would require Harun b. Muslim to have lived a very long life – approx. a hundred and thirty years in age, which would seem to indicate that the narration is Mursal].