Tafsīr al-ʿAyyāshi: From Salamah bin Moḥammed, who said:

I heard Abā ʿAbd Allāh عليه السلام say: One who was not cured by al-Ḥamd (i.e. al-Fātiḥa), then there was nothing that could cure him.1

1. Sheikh Jawādi Āmuli has stated in his tafsīr that there’s no doubt that sūrah al-Ḥamd is a means of healing for the physical body, however, it also includes the self and its purification and healing. When it’s understood that al-Ḥamd is the summary of the whole Qur’ān – by understanding its contents and applying it in ones life – he’s curing himself from spiritual diseases such as ignorance, vile, lowly qualities and bad conduct. So, if he’s not curing himself from this sūrah then there’s no other sūrah that will be any benefit to him, since al-Fātiḥa encompasses the whole Qur’ān and it’s basic contents in essence.

عن سلمة بن محمد ، قال : سمعت أبا عبدالله ( عليه السلام ) يقول : من لم تبرئه الحمد لم يبرئه شيء