Mukhtaṣir Baṣā’ir al-Darajāt: And from him, from Moḥammed bin Hārūn bin Mūsa, from Abī Sahl bin Ziyād al-Wāsiṭi, from ʿAjlān Abī Ṣāliḥ, who said:

I asked Abā ʿAbd Allāh عليه السلام about the dome of Ādam, so I asked him ‘is this the dome of Ādam’?
He replied: Yes, and with Allāh there are many other domes. Indeed, beyond this world are ninety-nine other worlds of existence. There’s a world in which its earth is white and it’s full of creatures who seek light from it. They don’t disobey Allāh at all and they don’t know whether Allāh, Mighty and Majestic, has created Ādam or not. They dissociate themselves from fulān, fulān and fulān.1
It was asked how is this so? And how do they dissociate themselves from fulān, fulān and fulān while they don’t even know whether Allāh created Ādam or not?
So he replied to the questioner: Do you know Iblīs?
He said: No, other than being informed.
He replied: In saying that, are you not ordered to curse him and dissociate yourself from him?
He said: Yes.
He replied: Likewise they have also been ordered.

1. In Arabic, fulān is the equivalent of saying so and so. Often this is used when there is a need to refrain from naming a particular individual by their common name, or in reference to a person in general. As opposed to the previous two ḥadīths, there are three referenced here instead of two.

وعنه : عن محمد بن هارون بن موسى ، عن أبي سهل بن زياد الواسطي ، عن عجلان أبي صالح ، قال : سألت أبا عبدالله ( عليه السلام ) عن قبة آدم ، فقلت له : هذه قبة آدم ؟ فقال : « نعم ، ولله عز وجل قباب كثيرة ، أما إن لخلف مغربكم هذا تسعة وتسعين مغربا ، أرضا بيضاء مملوءة خلقا ، يستضيئون بنورها ، لم يعصوا الله طرفة عين ، لا يدرون أخلق الله عز وجل آدم أم لم يخلقه ، يبرؤن من فلان وفلان وفلان » . قيل له : وكيف هذا ، وكيف يبرؤن من فلان وفلان وفلان وهم لا يدرون أن الله خلق آدم أو لم يخلقه ؟ ! فقال للسائل عن ذلك : « أتعرف إبليس ؟ » . فقال : لا ، إلا بالخبر . قال : « إذن أمرت بلعنه والبراءة منه ؟ » . قال : نعم . قال : « فكذلك أمر هؤلاء » .