It was narrated to us by Al-ussain bin Aḥmed رحمه الله who said – it was narrated to us by my father, who said – it was narrated to us by Moammed bin Abī al-Ṣuhbān, who said – it was narrated to us by Abū Aḥmed Moammed bin Ziyād al-Azdi, who said – it was narrated to us by ‘Ābān al-‘Aḥmar, from al-Ṣādiq, Jaʿfar bin Moammed7:

A man came to him (al-Ṣādiq, Jaʿfar bin Moḥammed عليه السلام) and said: “By my father and my mother, may they be your ransom, oh son of the Messenger of Allāh, advise me of some exhortations.”
He replied عليه السلام:  “If Allāh, Blessed and High, is the guarantor of sustenance, then what is your anxiety for? And if sustenance is apportioned, then what is stinginess for? And if the reckoning is promised, then what is hoarding for? And if the reward is from Allāh, then what is indolence for? And if the recompense1 from Allāh is promised, then what is niggardliness for? And if the punishment from Allāh is the fire, then what is sinning for? And of death is a reality (i.e. inevitable), then what is joy for? And if the exposition [of your deeds] for Allāh is a reality, then what is astuteness for? And if Satan is the enemy, then what is heedlessness for? And if the passageway upon al-irā is a reality, then what is conceit for? And if everything is by decree and ordainment, then what is sorrow for? And if this worldly life is transient, then what is your repose with it for?

1. The reward Allāh repays his servant for spending in his way. Hence, if Allāh repays in manifold for what a person spends in his way (such as charity), then what is the benefit of being stingy?

حدثنا الحسين بن أحمد ( رحمه الله ) ، قال : حدثنا أبي ، قال : حدثنا محمد ابن أبي الصهبان ، قال : حدثنا أبو أحمد محمد بن زياد الأزدي ، قال : حدثني أبان الأحمر ، عن الصادق جعفر بن محمد ( عليه السلام ) : أنه جاء إليه رجل ، فقال له : بأبي أنت وأمي يا بن رسول الله ، علمني موعظة . فقال ( عليه السلام ) : إن كان الله تبارك وتعالى قد تكفل بالرزق ، فاهتمامك لماذا ؟ وإن كان الرزق مقسوما ، فالحرص لماذا ؟ وإن كان الحساب حقا ، فالجمع لماذا ؟ وإن كان الثواب من الله ، فالكسل لماذا ؟ وإن كان الخلف من الله عز وجل حقا ، فالبخل لماذا ؟ وإن كانت العقوبة من الله عز وجل النار ، فالمعصية لماذا ؟ وإن كان الموت حقا ، فالفرح لماذا ؟ وإن كان العرض على الله عز وجل حقا ، فالمكر لماذا ؟ وإن كان الشيطان عدوا ، فالغفلة لماذا ؟ وإن كان الممر على الصراط حقا ، فالعجب لماذا ؟ وإن كان كل شئ بقضاء وقدر ، فالحزن لماذا ؟ وإن كانت الدنيا فانية ، فالطمأنينة إليها لماذا